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Mains Lead
  • North American UL Mains Lead
  • Canada CSA Mains Lead
  • European VDE Mains Lead
  • British BSI UK Mains Lead
  • Italy IMQ Mains Lead
  • Japan PSE Mains Lead
  • Australia SAA Mains Lead
  • Argentina IRAM Mains Lead
  • China CCC Mains Lead
  • Sweden Semko Mains Lead
  • Denmark Demko Mains Lead
  • Finland Fimko Mains Lead
  • Norway Nemko Mains Lead
  • Belgium CEBEC Mains Lead
  • Korean KETI Mains Lead
  • Netherlands Kema Mains Lead
  • Austria OVE Mains Lead
  • Swiss SEV Mains Lead
  • Franch NF Mains Lead
  • Israel Mains Lead
Mains Lead Manufacturer: As a large supplier of main lead connectors in China, Ningbo Aurich specialized in international standard Mains Lead, AC Power Cords, Plug inserts, Rubber Cables, Wire harness, Power Cables, IEC Power Connector etc. Our products export to worldwide and have good reputation as a supplier of higher-quality power cords for Home and industrial appliances. With support of our excellent service and spirit of team-work, we have won good markets in the worldwide in the field of power cords, especially in the market of Europe and North America Mains Lead.
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